Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Dont eat me please" live fruits and veggies portrait series

These are the first paintings of the " dont eat me please" fruit & veggies portrait series, you can find various items in my etsy shop with them on them, and even the original acrylic paintings on can almost read their minds: they would be requesting" dont eat me... please"
I really enjoyed making this batch, I was aiming , to create a woodsy cottage mood with the texture of the wood. I guess I was thinking that these would be hanged on Alice's house in Alice in wonderland, the house in which she couldn't fit anymore...remember?
they measure 6x5 inches
Estas son las primeras pinturas de la serie ilustrada "no me comas...porfavor", se puede encontrar aqui, ...casi puedes leer sus pensamientos, "no me comas...porfavor"
Realmente disfruté hacerlas!, estaba lista para crear un ambiente de cabañita , por la textura de lamadera, yo creo que me imaginé que estarían colgados en la casa de que después le quedó chica...recuerdas?
miden 6x5 pulgadas 

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